bankruptcy filings

The bankruptcy process requires a lot of paperwork. Any mistake could both jeopardize your ability to successfully make it through the bankruptcy process and impose delays.

You have a legal obligation to list all of your assets and your creditors on the bankruptcy filing.

If you make a mistake on your bankruptcy filings, you would need to file an amendment with the court. Correcting the error would take time. If you realize that you made a material mistake and you do not correct it, you could run the legal risk of being charged with bankruptcy fraud.

Common bankruptcy errors include:

  • Forgetting to list an asset on the paperwork
  • Making a mistake about the value of an asset
  • Forgetting to list a certain creditor
  • Not fully disclosing your income

You have a legal interest in being as extensive as possible when it comes to listing creditors because you want to be discharged from the debt.

The bankruptcy trustee is closely following your case. If you had made a significant error on your filing, you would need to explain it to the trustee in order to avoid potential problems.

The best way to avoid errors on bankruptcy filings is to not try to handle them yourself. You should reach out to an experienced bankruptcy law attorney for assistance with the process. Your attorney will work with you on the paperwork and will ensure that it is correct before it is filed with the court.  Their efforts should give you peace of mind, knowing that a mistake will not derail you.

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