Memphis bankruptcy attorney

If you have been struggling to pay your debts, you might hesitate to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. After all, no one likes airing out their financial laundry to others, especially when the situation is dire. However, it is important to know that bankruptcy lawyers in Memphis are committed to helping people find relief from financial stress without judgment. You should never hesitate to schedule a meeting with a Memphis bankruptcy attorney, and the following are some things you might expect from that meeting.

Assessing Your Situation

Bankruptcy is not the right solution for everyone who feels overwhelmed by debt, so the attorney’s first task will be to assess whether bankruptcy is right for you. Expect them to ask many questions about your financial picture, including:

  • Your debts
  • Your income
  • Your property and assets

Giving them complete and accurate information is essential so they can make the right professional determinations about your options. It is wise to bring documentation you have of your finances for the attorney to review.

Informing You of the Bankruptcy Process

If the lawyer advises you that bankruptcy would be beneficial, they should give you an overview of how the bankruptcy process works. They should also inform you of the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

You should also have a list of questions for the lawyer about bankruptcy and how it will impact your life. Feel free to ask all the questions you have – that is what the lawyer is there for.

Speak with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Memphis Today

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